Bartholemew is one of our new breeders this year.  His daddy was Napoleon, one of our best show quality stud dogs ever. Sadly, Napoleon died last year but we are so excited to have Bartholemew carrying on his fathers tradition of siring beautiful puppies.  


Bridger is another one of our new young breeders.  He is the son of Bernard and Lyric. He is a beautiful tan and white and promises to sire beautiful puppies just like his dad.

Brazos Kennels

Boone is our "new blood" in the kennel. He is completely unrelated to any of our other male dogs. He is a half brother to Daisy.  2016 was  his first year of being a dad and he has sired many beautiful puppies.  He especially throws the rare lemon color and lots of tan and whites as well as the traditional tri colors.


Bernard is a beautiful tan and white. He is our oldest and most experienced stud.  He consistently throws beautiful tan and white and tri color puppies, We just kept Bridger, one of Bernard's pups to breed with when he grows up! Bridger looks just like his daddy.

​"The Men of the Kennel"